3D Printer Design Competition

Students will work in teams to construct & calibrate a 3D printer from a kit and compete in their final project



The Printers

Afinibot A3 (Cartesian) 3D Printer Kit


Steel/Acrylic Frame & Heated Aluminum Bed

200 x 200 x 180mm Build Volume

Single Direct Drive Extruder Max Temp 275°C


Marlin Firmware, LCD screen, SD card

$250-300, 8kg weight, open-source

Afinibot A1 (Delta) 3D Printer Kit


Steel/Acrylic Frame & Heated Aluminum Bed

160 x 160 x 180mm Build Volume

Single Bowden Extruder Max Temp 275°C


Marlin Firmware, LCD screen, SD card

$250-300, 6kg weight, open-source


Evaluation Criteria

The teams will be evaluated by three metrics:

  • Kit Building (15%)- Scores will be based on the quality and reliability of final product, ability to produce high-quality calibration prints and construct within allotted time. Things that detract from this score include but are not limited to: failure to follow build instructions, damage/loss of kit parts, and inability to work as a team.A team report is required for each of the sessions on kit building. The report is due three days after the session. Contents of the report include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
    •  Discuss main activities and achievements.
    •  Describe and provide annotated pictures/plots of each major step.
    •  Discuss mistakes, problems, and how you solved (or propose to solve) the problems.
    •  List member responsibilities.
    •  Dated signatures from all members.
  • Modeling & Creativity (15%) – A themed “freestyle” competition will be given to students to exercise their knowledge and ability for modeling using various mediums and printing with various media. The printed models must be unique and not sourced from existing repositories. Students will have the last few weeks of the semester to model, print, and present a prototype for demo day judges. Winning models will be showcased at the Homer Babbidge Library, NextGen Hall, and 3D Printing Club.
  • Technical Competence (15%) – Students will be given a file to optimize with proper selection of slicing parameters while restricted to certain design criteria. Prints will be tested and judged on demo day.

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A live demonstration of the Design Competition will be made to UConn faculty, staff and students. The judges will include faculty and staff members in the School of Engineering.