Presentation and Report


A series of extension modules will be assigned to you in the second week of the course. Each module focuses on a selected topic related to 3D printing. You are asked to conduct a thorough literature review, study and present the module in a tutorial style in front of the class. Each team must sign up on one module. Each module can be presented by at most two teams. The selection of the modules will open on September 16 2016 and close on October 7 2016. Presentations will be given on December 2 2016.

Tentative topics include:

1. 3D Printing – Medical Applications
2. Measurement and Sensors for Selective Laser Sintering
3. 3D Printing Industry & Businesses
4. 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
5. Education of 3D Printing
6. 3D Printing – Automotive Applications
7. 3D Printing – Aerospace & NASA Applications



Each module will be presented by teams who collectively conduct their study and preparations. This assignment accounts for 20% of your final score in the course. The project will be evaluated based on the contents and depth of the work (15%, due at the end of the semester), as well as the in-class presentation (5%, on December 02, 2016).



Homework assignments are listed in the schedule tab and account for 15% (5X3%) of your final score in the course.